The ClioPatria semantic search web-server

ClioPatria is the award winning, SWI-Prolog-based platform for Semantic Web Applications. It joins the SWI-Prolog RDF and HTTP infrastructure with a SeRQL/SPARQL query engine, interfacing to the The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) and libraries that support semantic search.

The platform combines a high performance in-core RDF store with flexible reasoning in Prolog, query optimization. Prolog's interactive usage and capabilities of recompiling modified source code while the system remains alive greatly speedup development.

Key figures Up to about 25 million RDF triples on 32-bit hardware, only limited by memory on 64-bit hardware. Exploits multi-CPU and multi-core hardware to answer requests over HTTP concurrently. Runs on Windows, MacOS X, Linux and most Unix flavours, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. 64-bit systems are recommended for servers with lots of data or many users.

Further information and download is available from the ClioPatria home page. The home page is powered by ClioPatria on the SWI-Prolog domain.

Status On Oct 24, 2007, we made the software available to the public under the GPL-2 license. The primary aim of this early release was to simplify cooperation. In fall 2010, we split ClioPatria into the core server and packages and established a package repository. We believe that ClioPatria now has a stable overall architecture and a good start for community contributions. We plan to further mature the package based architecture and reuse it for SWI-Prolog itself.

Discussion Please direct questions, feedback requests and other discussions on the ClioPatria software to See the mailman web page for archive and subscription information.

Usage ClioPatria development is still in a very early (beta) status. The following projects, however, are already successfully using ClioPatria:

Last modified 10/19/17