ClioPatria for MultimediaN E-culture (mn9c)

This directory contains Prolog scripts that let you run ClioPatria and load the E-culture project data. The scripts are named * and must be localised to reflect the location of Prolog and other local installation issues.

Initial Setup

Setup on Unix systems

Run the configure script to create with the proper path to start SWI-Prolog:

$ ./configure

Setup on Windows systems

Open by double-clicking it in the Windows explorer to create

Running the server

On Unix systems the server is now loaded using ./ On Windows systems, please double-click Now start the server using:

?- server.

Direct your browser to http://localhost:3020/ and follow the directions to create the server admin account and optionally user accounts.

Logged in as admin, go the the Settings ... page and change settings to suit your needs. Terminate the server using

?- halt.

Load the data set. Copy data.templ to and edit it to suit your needs. Restart the server as above and type:

?- server.
?- [data].
?- load_medium.		% or load_all.

You can now access the server.

Start server after the data is loaded. Open and run ?- server.. This will reload the data from persistent store in the directory SeRQL-Store.

Prolog files

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