ClioPatria: semantic multimedia library

ClioPatria is a SWI-Prolog based platform for Semantic Web Applications. It combines the SWI-Prolog RDF and HTTP infrastructure with a SeRQL / SPARQL query engine. In addition the data and services are accessible via several APIs over HTTP.

ClioPatria contains web applications for search, faceted browsing and annotation. New web applications or mashups can be constructed with the APIs and client side interface widgets.

E-Culture MultimediaN

ClioPatria is used in the E-Culture MultimediaN Demonstrator.


ClioPatria is available to the public under the GPL-2 license. You can download a copy and run your own server with your own dataset


The APIs of ClioPatria also give other web applications easy access to the RDF in its triple store. See the documentation on the APIs: query / search / autocomplete / resource.

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