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Despite the amounts of public funding devoted to both cultural heritage and ICT infrastructure, online access to even the most important aspects of our past is still limited and highly fragmented. The objective of this project is the development of a set of e-culture demonstrators providing multimedia access to distributed collections of cultural heritage objects. The demonstrators are intended to show various levels of syntactic and semantic interoperability between collections and various types of personalized and context--dependent presentation generation. The demonstrators will all be developed in cooperation with DEN and ICN as a cultural search engine and serve as a joint application domain for the demonstrators. The portal provides access to a relatively large set of key culture-heritage collections in The Netherlands. The demonstrators will typically focus on subsets of the collections to demonstrate the use of semantic interoperability, semantic information access and visualization, and context-specific presentation generation. The project integrates results from computer science in the areas of: semantic Web technology, multimedia indexing and search, and web interfacing and data visualization to facilitate display of (part of) our cultural heritage. The team combines a balanced mix of internationally renowned academic expertise on Semantic Web and multimedia technology with industrial strength experience in Web design and user interface development.


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